Minneapolis, MN

TeamPost Marketing

The Teampost social marketing plan and process was first introduced back in 2013-2014. The process was about using good SEO techniques within a social marketing structure that achieves top keyword positions on search engines. This process was tested and proved effective in taking the keyword “social marketing plan” for teampost.net from a non-indexed position to the first page of Google in roughly four months. The process was used for a few clients and achieved its goals. But instead of being fully developed the process was eventually abandoned – until now.

So how does the Teamost Process work, you ask? Before we can answer that question, we first need to answer these questions – Does the TeamPost process still work in 2020? How effective is it? To answer those questions, we are now conducting a Case History that began early in December 2019. To follow along, please read:
Case History – Toyota Dealer.