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Hi my name is Randy Dennison and I’ve been involved with Digital marketing for over 20 years. I started TeamPost.net back in February, 2013 as a social media marketing experiment. The experiment involved posting unique, SEO optimized content to a network of social media marketing sites. My goal was to determine how effective these postings would be in improving search engine placement or keyword indexing. The experiment proved highly successful and became a process I used for customers to effectively improve keyword indexing on Google.

Now it’s 2020. The Teampost Social Media Marketing Process has not been used for year. Since the Google algorithm has changed numerous times, I conducted a new experiment and concluded – the process is no longer as effective as it once was. So now I am re-branding TeamPost to be a site that facilitates effective partnership marketing. Before I explain more about that, let me further introduce myself:

I have held Digital Marketing positions of increasing responsibilities over the past 20 years. All of these positions have allowed me to serve in a very hands-on capacity. For example, I have effectively:

  • Created and managed numerous websites
  • Customized WordPress sites
  • Conducted lead generation and lead nurturing email campaigns
  • Improved social media marketing
  • Managed large-budget SEM campaigns
  • Achieved hundreds of page-one positions on Google
  • Created HTML, CSS and PHP coding
  • Created graphics, illustrations and video production
  • Managed CRM and database applications

I’ve known digital marketing for years and I’m good at it. Recently I was laid off from my Director of Digital Marketing position with Maplewood Toyota due to Coronavirus. My focus has now turned toward providing my services to you through Partnership Marketing. In these trying times, I believe partnerships are a great way to maximize ROI especially through the TeamPost Email Marketing Co-op. In addition, with local search being more relevant to Google, having an optimized Google Knowledge Panel is a must for any successful business. If you want to know more about this and what I can do for you, Contact Me and let’s start a conversation. I will serve you well.

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