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Email Partnerships Save Money
Email Marketing Partnerships Save Money.
TeamPost Email Marketing utilizes partnerships – cuts email list cost by 75% without cutting list size.

TeamPost partnerships consists of four, non-competitive1 local businesses. Each business provides an offer. All four offers are then featured on one Partnership-Offer Landing Page. (See Example)

Each partner purchases 25% of the targeted email list2 but gets 100% of the traffic and click through potential of the entire list. (Plus potential traffic from other active lists.) (Read More)

You also get a SEO optimized landing page3 describing your company/offer in detail. (See Example)

See Partner Package

Become a TeamPost Partner. You’ll be added to the list of those waiting to be partnered with other local businesses.

1. Non-competitive complimentary businesses for example – Carpet Store, Appliances, Remodeling, Cleaning Service – all want to reach realtors.
2. Email lists have 95% deliver-ability rates.
3. Landing pages are active for a period of one month following last email broadcast.

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