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Social Marketing Campaigns

Effective Social Marketing Campaigns

One More Happy, Five-Star Toyota Rav4 Customer Review

This is a third post for the Toyota Rav 4 Customer Review Campaign. Peter Managed and Supported Me During the Sales Process. Their sales consultants were especially polite and helpful to us! All together we settled a Toyota Rav4 transaction. Service is great. Qualified, professional and considerate sales consultants. Mark and Peter supervised and helped

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Continuing the Social Marketing and Review Campaign

Continuing the social-marketing and review campaign with regards to a Toyota Highlander dealer in Mn, below is a new business review that came in: “I received the greatest adventure purchasing our new car. Our sales consultant got me in a Toyota Highlander I wanted. The consultant was fast, friendly in addition to being skilled through

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Create a Short Story to Post to Different Social Sites - Toyota RAV4

Online Social Marketing Tip: Create a short story to publicize to different social sites. Employ a web content spinning app to construct each post as a unique individual story. See below for an example: The new and fresh 2016 Toyota RAV 4 is one, enjoyable Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that is big on distinction, improvements,

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Business Review - My Wife and I Were Very Privileged to Work With Greg

My wife and I were very privileged in figuring out the deal with Mr. Greg Gustafson on my recent Toyota lease. He was quick, knowledgeable and very skilled at expediting the details to the end. Many customers must realize he’s a significant contribution to the cause of why Maplewood Toyota is a #1 Toyota dealer in Minneapolis Minnesota and all around the United States. I’m certain and delighted to suggest the #1 best in the business and we will continue doing so selectively at Maplewood Toyota and with Greg. I very much love the fabulous new car!!! Thanks so much Greg! – B.  More »

Another Toyota Dealer Happy Customer Social Review Campaign

Considering the last post we made, this will be a continuation of our Business Review Campaign. Another Toyota Dealer Happy Customer Social Review Campaign Ron C. The car salesman for my 2016 Tacoma purchase was Jim M. Jim was exceptional. Jim was very knowledgeable and did not pressure me whatsoever. I felt like Jim was

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Business Reviews For Local Search

New social marketing campaign to help a few businesses develop their online reputation. We will do this by way of posting business reviews and individual reviews of salespeople that work at these companies. We will post these reviews within a network that has been specifically developed for local search markets. Focus Keyword is "Toyota Dealer." Follow along as we reach our goal to place 10 spots higher in local search.  More »

How Social Marketing is Being Used Around the Web - Blogging

Social Marketing is a profitable online marketing endeavor if done correctly. Find out how companies are using social marketing today and how social marketing plans are used to develop profitable business success. Blogging - Article 1 of a Series. Do you need to re-structure your social marketing ?  More »

How Social Marketing and Customer Service Work Towards Business Success

In today's digital marketplace, Social Marketing and Customer Service can work hand in hand to improve the growth of your business. For example, a car dealer of new and used cars mn is known for being a reputable, honest and customer focused dealership in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area ... Another example could be a sales training company that's known for achieving high ... Theses businesses didn't always have the reputation they now enjoy. A few objectives had to be established. First they had to consistently ...  More »

New Social Marketing Campaign on List.ly

Today, we're starting a new social marketing campaign on list.ly where we will be creating lists on the platform to earn organic search traffic and create social, reusable, embeddable content for others to share.  More »

All Customers Make Five Sequential Buying Decisions

Prospects will simply not buy if the sales presentation is out of sync with their buying decision process. To increase chances of success, salespeople must sequence the sales presentation to follow the decision-making process of the buyer. When this is done, salespeople can sell the customer through each stage of the buying decision and ultimately gain final agreement for the sale. Learn this how to use this buyer/seller sales skill.  More »

Business Sales Skills Series - Commitment Objective

Millions of people in sales never generate a commitment objective for each and every distinct prospecting call and end up departing with no definite "next step." Learn how, why and when you should exploit this skill and then you can propel the desirable sale ahead to ultimately earn a final buying agreement with prospects. The Sales Board Sales Training disciplines sales personnel in using a sales method that incorporates the five most meaningful sales skills to ...  More »

Business Skills Training Programs

Have you ever had formal business skills training in social marketing, sales or management? Has the training helped to develop business skills with long-lasting results? Maybe you know of a good training program that can change a person’s ability to continually produce at a higher level. Have you helped to develop the business skills of your employees? If so, please contact us and we’ll post it here for others to see.  More »

Voice Hive Email Quiz Creates 55% Response

Company: Voice Hive, LLC. Have you ever wanted to get a response from an audience you did not know? Of course you have, we all have. It's a key reason we do Social Marketing Campaigns, email marketing, advertising, events and trade shows. Voice Hive Quiz received 55% + for one of it's clients in a recent email campaign. An email went to 250 prospects with a message to take the quiz. (The quiz was much like a survey in a fun format.) 146 of the prospects responded. How's that for results? Find out for yourselves go to www.voicehive.com for more information and contact them for your free trial by mentioning Team Post.  More »

Marketing in Social Media - How to Raise Keyword Placement in SERPs

Marketing on Social Media is turning out to be a single and important way in identifying keyword placement in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Page One placement means free visitors which translates into more sales. So how can someone do social marketing to the point that it raises keyword indexed placement in the SERPs and get more visitors to your main web site? Have you already been using an effective Social Marketing Strategy? If you believe your plan could be much more successful or if you lack one, the TeamPost Social Marketing Plan will help. In future posts, this process will be discussed in a lot more detail. Do you want immediate info? Please visit www.teampost.net/social-marketing-plan/: TeamPost Social Marketing Plan.  More »

Social Media Marketing - You Can Raise Keyword Positioning in the Serps

So how does a company go about doing social media marketing to the point that it improves social media engagement, raise keyword placement on the SERPs, increase web visitors - and increase sales for your web site? Your Social Media Marketing Plan needs to provide an answer to those concerns. If you don't have one, the TeamPost Social Media Marketing Plan will help.  More »

Social Marketing - The Bigger Picture

Do your social marketing with a focus on affecting your search engine keyword positions. That's still where most of the first-time traffic comes from. If you do this, conversations on social media sites will naturally happen. Want to know how to do this? Visit http://www.teampost.net.   More »

Social Marketing Campaigns - Are You Reaching Your Market?

Social Marketing Campaigns - Has anyone ever shown you how to do an effective social marketing campaign or have you learned by trial and error? Has it taken years to gain a good following? Have your social marketing campaigns made a difference to your search engine standings? Do you see an increase in social media marketing visitors coming to your main site? We would love to hear how you are using social marketing to effectively reach your market. Let us know and we’ll post it here for all to read. We’ll even give you a back link to your main site.  More »

Social Media Marketing - The Lasting Effects

If done correctly, Social Media Marketing can have lasting effects on search engine keyword indexing and the volume of traffic that visit your main web site. But far too often, companies set up a few social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and then someone publishes content to each site hoping that the effort makes a difference to their bottom line. If you take that approach, you may be waiting a very long time for socially generated web site visitors and sales. Learn about a a system that Publishes unique content to a social marketing network, Increases search engine indexing per keyword and Generates new visitors for your main site ... and you can do this type of social media marketing all from a single site.   More »

This Marketing on Social Media Program Proves Successful

Prior to offering our Social Media and Marketing Method to the public, we wanted to recognize how efficient the system runs. It turns out that the method runs far above what we had estimated! Beginning around the last part of November 2012, we wrote a few small articles and worked the TeamPost system fixed on a small number keywords. The system’s first listing to appear on the Google search results page was “Social Marketing Plan”. That word was positioned at #24 in less than a one month period. After three days it shot up to the #1. If you are after top keyword spots on search pages and have to access and engage with customers, do it by increasing marketing on social media. Look us up and we'll explain how it’s done.  More »

Great Answers to Puzzling Social Media Marketing Questions

It's common to have issues with your Social Media Marketing and since social networking and mobile communications are being used more and more, the answers that are proposed sure better be good ones. But what if they're not? It certainly would be wonderful if someone would adhere to an outlined procedure that originally was designed to make the user focused on the task; a social marketing plan that tells you what should be done and when it should be done. That would be an easy decision to use a system that turns out quicker and more effective results - as if one had an ever-expanding number of social networking experts altogether working jointly as one, posting distinctive content where it matters most. Right?  More »