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Social Marketing Case Studies

How We're Achieving Page One Position For the Keyword - Used Cars MN

You can read about our Social Marketing Plan that has consistently achieved page one positions for specific keywords over the past two years.

Follow along and watch our progress as we implement the TeamPost Social Marketing Plan again to achieve a page one position for the keyword Used Cars MN.   More »

Used Cars Post #2 – A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Last month, I started the promotion of a main keyword phrase of Used Car for a vehicle dealership in Minneapolis, MN. With the start of the above main keyword Plan (Jan 8, 2015) a month ago ...  More »

Used Cars - Keyword Case Study & SEO Strategy

This is the beginning of a case study for the keyword Used Cars. This keyword case study for - Used Cars is for a car dealership in Minneapolis, MN. Currently this keyword has no current indexing for the Toyota web site that falls below position 100 on the Google search engine result pages. With this in mind, we will use our social marketing plan, the TeamPost marketing process and seo strategy for two or more months to promote the above keyword. Follow along and see how we achieve a page one Google position for this keyword.  More »

Slow Steady Progress - Keyword Goes From 76 to 20 on Google

The slow improvement with this project's keyword is a reassuring sign that our TeamPost Social Marketing system is outputting as anticipated. My time with the Teampost system also suggests that slow and steady improvement is good and once top keyword position is obtained, that keyword will hold the position with little additional posting for a long time period of time. Additionally I am targeting 1 other keyword for the business, which is gaining ground in Google. The keyword term is: Sales Skills.

  More »

Sales Training Case Study - Update #2

This is the second update of the Sales Training Case study. Since a month ago, I've increased the network of publishing sites to 54. The keyword "Sales Training" that started at position #76 on Google is now moving up. On 6-14-14 this keyword was positioned at #35. During the next month I will focus on adding a greater number of general links. See the complete Sales Training case Study at: http://www.teampost.net/keyword-case-studies/sales-training-case-study/. Note: The TeamPost Social Marketing process is available as a SEO service or a business training program. For effective social marketing that combines SEO Best Practices and unique Content Distribution with Social Media Marketing, please visit http://www.teampost.net.  More »

Sales Training - The Sales Board

After posting only to eight sites within my network, the initial keyword movement is significant. There are additional secondary keywords I'm promoting. These include "Sales Training Programs" and "Sales Skills". In the last couple of days "Sales Training Programs" went from #45 to #4 on Google and "Sales Skills" went from #18 to #2.  More »

Case Study Update 4 – Social Marketing Plan

Success! #1 Keyword Position on Google (5-1-14) Today as I write this, (April 5, 2014) the keyword is positioned at #5 on the Google SERPs. I started this second case study back on January 22, 2014 to determine if the TeamPost Social Marketing Plan is a valid SEO process to use for the purpose of achieving page one keyword position on Google. Using the process, the keyword moved from page eight to its current position. This is the second time, this has been achieved (on the same keyword) using this process. This proves that the TeamPost Social Media Marketing Plan is a valid tool to use for achieving page-one keyword position. The process and tool can be used to get any keyword to page one on Google for an extended period of time with minimal SEO effort. This case study is proving that. In addition, you can use the tool to do your Social Media Marketing to increase Social Media footprint and engagement.  More »

Case Study Update 3 – Social Marketing Plan

My initial work when I started this second case study was minimal. You can read about it by going to the Category: Social Marketing Plan - Case Study. From 1-22-14 to 2-13-14 (22 days) the keyword has moved from page 8 to page 2 on Google. I would say that this is significant keyword movement especially since I have not done any additional work.  More »

Case Study Update 2 – Social Marketing Plan

From 1-22-14 to 2-5-14, we published to our Social Marketing Network using our Social Marketing Plan and SEO Strategy. During that time, the keyword applicable to this case study (Social Marketing Plan) held Google SERP positions primarily on page 8 and page 7. Currently, as this update is being written, this same keyword holds a position on the top of Google SERP page 6. Follow along in this Social Media Marketing Case Study.  More »

Case Study Intro - Social Marketing Plan

This is the beginning of our second Social Marketing Plan Case Study. The reason for doing this case study is to provide supporting documentation and proof to the validity of our TeamPost Social Marketing Plan; a system in which our Social Media Marketing Process, SEO Strategy and Online Marketing Tools are used for the following purposes:
  • Increase social media engagement and footprint
  • Achieve top keyword placement on search engines
  • Maximize SEO efforts
  • Reduce time involved with Social Media Marketing and SEO initiatives
Please follow along in this case study. You will see how effective our Social Marketing Plan is and how it can help you achieve top Google positions for all of your keywords.  More »