What is Team Posting?

Before discussing the definition of Team Posting, let’s talk about content.  You’ve heard it said that Content is King. It’s true as it relates to the internet because content is all we have. Content is everything. Content is what we consume. Whether it’s text, images, videos, music, data or code, it’s all content that must be posted for others to consume.

As online marketers, we all want our visitors to be influenced by the content we present. But it’s not always the visitor we want to influence. Sometimes we want to influence the vehicles that present the content. I’m talking about search engines. Not only the obvious ones like the Big G or B but also the social and video search engines like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and the like – where millions of people spend most of their time online. So it just makes sense that the more quality content we offer in these arenas, the more it will get indexed. When indexed, the more likely it is that our potential customer will search and find it – wherever they are.

So as online marketing people, we become publishers of unique content, posting it to sites that can potentially make the greatest impact in driving web site traffic. In today’s world those sites are predominately social media sites. But doing this type of work is a full time job – and there are still so many other things to do. Many don’t even have a clue if the content they post will have any real impact in the search engines or to their keyword positioning or in driving more traffic to their site.

This is where Team Posting comes in.  “What is Team Posting” you ask?

In general, it could be defined as: “Members of a team submitting content to various web site locations for the purpose of achieving an objective or goal.”

Sure, there are numerous content distribution sites that can take and distribute content to a whole host of sites. That, of course becomes duplicate content and that’s a problem. To search engines, duplicate content appears to be manipulation especially if it has been distributed in too short a period of time. That won’t move your keyword positions in search, especially in Google.

Effective Team Posting

Let me present a new strategy. What needs to be done is not to duplicate content but rather duplicate the efforts of content publishing. Effective Team Posting is when a team of individuals directed by a manager have the same objective to post unique and correctly search engine optimized content. The content must also be published in a way that appears natural to search engines. When done correctly, Team Posting will reach more people, improve keyword positions on the SERPs and increase web site traffic. See our Site History page for proof.

Team Posting is a great strategy, for those businesses that can afford larger teams. But what if you work within a limited budget or have a very small one-person marketing department? Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to a system that could achieve the same results – as if you had a team of individuals, duplicating your efforts? Now you do with the TeamPost Social Marketing Plan.

TeamPost Social Marketing Plan is an easy-to-follow process and unique online marketing tool that duplicates your efforts not your content. With it, you’ll be able to do more Social Marketing in less time and in a way that maximizes your SEO efforts.

The TeamPost Social Marketing Plan will help you achieve great results. Find Out More About our Social Marketing Plan.